About Us

Mr. Pathik Patel is a Wildlife Amateur Photographer who has taken innumerable photographs touring wildlife sanctuaries and nature parks since last 2001.

With the help of his photographs he would like to give a strong message throughout the world to save wildlife and spread awareness about the danger caused to wildlife by human beings and how we can conserve wildlife.

Though a businessman he was always fascinated by Jungles, Nature & Wildlife. Looking at the lifestyle of a common man who is, happy living a materialistic life these days and simply unaware of doing our best to save wildlife and danger of extinguishing species. He sincerely would like to appeal to all the people allover the world to realize how fast our planet is losing out on our wildlife resources.

Mr. Pathik Patel  time to time organizes a photo exhibitions in different cities where his photographs gave the spectators a feel of the moods and behaviors of these magnificent creatures and made people aware of their prime responsibility to preserve Nature & Wildlife.

To spread this message of saving wildlife to those very important rural people who are actually coexisting and interacting with wildlife on a day to day basis Mr. Patel makes sure each and every single rural newspaper is informed about his exhibition in the rural areas He has left no stone unturned to inform all the rural newspapers and articles with photographs of Tiger & Lion in including “Divya Bhaskar, Sandesh, Gram Jagran, Rakhewal and other rural newspapers apart from articles in “The Times Of India” are testimony to this.

He specially thanks his close friend Mr. Harshadbhai Vadodariya  for helping and guiding and improving the techniques of photography. With his help he is able to achieve high standards in his goal and passion for photography and creating awareness of saving wildlife in the world. He also would like to thank . Mitul Vyas (Monty) for helping in this wonderful work done.  

He is also thankful to his loving wife and childrens for being a constant source of encouragement throughout

Wildlife Amateur Photography remains no more to be just my hobby it is my passion now.